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Flat rock, Michigan September 25, 2009–Wouldn’t it be nice for your child to have a customized education? Well now it’s possible with Complete Curriculum and its featured customized textbook. Complete Curriculum is a website that provides online educational content for K-12 instruction as well as K-12 homeschool curriculum.

Educators will have the ability to create digital textbooks online for a single student or a group of students. A single student can have the benefit of an educator’s attention by logging into Complete Curriculum and viewing a digital syllabus that is customized for him or her. Within each digital textbook, your child will be exposed to a customized textbook or textbooks with educational lesson plans and curriculum worksheets. This gives your child the customized education he or she rightly deserves.

There is no complexity involved. A membership-based educator can log in to Complete Curriculum, create and assign K-12 customized digital textbooks to an individual or group simply by selecting digital lesson plans and digital worksheets. Once the educator has completed the customization of these affordable digital textbooks, the educator can select which student or students have access by assigning a unique username and password and entering a list of email addresses for the customized textbook to be sent to.

Students will then receive an email with a link to their digital textbook. Once the student logs in, he or she is instantly given access to their customized textbook and their customized education begins. It’s that easy!

Complete Curriculum is steadfast with the phrase, “No child left behind” initiative and this K-12 digital education is a significant step towards making the “No child left behind” phrase more of a reality.

About Complete Curriculum
Complete Curriculum’s K-12 Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies digital textbooks provide teachers and parent’s quality, affordable, accessible digital educational content. The content is provided in an easily downloadable format accessible through a user friendly web based bookshelf that allows the instructor to customize instruction while engaging the student through the development use of 21st century skills. By blending academic, social and interpersonal skill development, Complete Curriculum’s digital texts afford educators and parent the opportunity to effectively impact a student’s ability to accelerate – in and out of the classroom.

For more information, visit their website at , or contact Alison Cancilliari PO Box 45, Flat Rock, MI 48134, or by telephone at 1-888-675-8398.

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