Cosby’s Legal Woes Now Include Harassed Lawyers

Cosby's Legal Woes Now Include Harassed Lawyers 2

The Bill Cosby defamation/sex assault legal mess just got messier.  And now the lawyers are being deposed and allegedly “harassed” in the ongoing litigation.

Lawyers for the comedian, who has filed defamation lawsuits against seven of his accusers, are to resist attempts by the accusers’ lawyers to have his wife provide a sworn deposition in the defamation lawsuit.

The seven women suing Cosby for defamation in federal court in Springfield are among approximately 50 women who have come forward over the last year alleging that he sexually assaulted or had unwanted sexual contact with them decades ago. They claim in their suit that Cosby allowed his representatives to portray them as liars after they went public with their allegations.

Cosby now is suing them back in federal court in Massachusetts for a wide range of damages and injunctions including publicly “retracting and correcting” their accusations relating to sexual assault. He claims that their words and actions that cost him top paying gigs on NBC and Netflix.

camilleCamille Cosby is currently scheduled to be deposed on January 6, but Cosby’s lawyers filed a motion Friday to quash the subpoena. Among other arguments, they’s claiming that communications between the couple are protected under Massachusetts spousal rules.

AP report that the women’s lawyer, Joseph Cammarata of Chaikin Sherman argued that he should be able to question Camille Cosby because she was her husband’s business manager.


“She is intimately involved in Mr. Cosby’s life, both personally and professionally, and she has information that we wish to have that is relevant to the case,” Cammarata told media.

Cosby’s lawyers said Camille Cosby does not have any information about the accuracy of the women’s allegations. They also allege that the attempt to subject her to a deposition is “nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to pressure defendant in the face of subjecting his wife to the shame and embarrassment of responding to questions about his alleged infidelities and sexual misconduct.”

Cosby, 78, filed a countersuit against the women earlier this week, accusing them of making false allegations of sexual misconduct for financial gain. He said the women have “engaged in a campaign to assassinate” his reputation and character.

The New York Times report that Cammarata is also looking to depose Cosby and several of h is lawyers and associates, he said. The defamation case against Mr. Cosby is based on statements made by several of his lawyers and representatives.

A lawyer for the Crosbies, Monique Pressley, said the request to depose Mrs. Cosby was improper and Mr. Cosby’s legal team would object.

“We view it as harassment,” she said. “This is a case that is supposed to be a simple defamation case that is based on a set of statements by specific people and Camille Cosby is not one of those people, and neither is her husband.”

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