The Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE) honors AG Abogados managing partner with International Legal Marketing and Management Award for 2013.


costa-rica-law-lawfuelSan Jose, Costa Rica – Best Law Firm Newswire –  August 21, 2013

Costa Rican attorney Gonzalo Gutiérrez has mastered multiple disciplines in the legal field and is now being recognized for his work in an area that touches on marketing management and online customer behavior.

The ISDE is an international body that has as one of its main purposes, the desire to contribute to the continuing training and education of practicing lawyers. By recognizing the work of these professionals within their communities they hope to enhance life within those communities.

Attorney Gutierrez’s work in the area of Legal Marketing and Management of Firms culminated in an essay titled ‘The Behavior of Central America Firms with Internet Customers’. It was this work that would ultimately have won him this prestigious international award.

The process used in determining the person to receive this award involved members of a jury of the Institute of Law and Economics (ISDE) assessing a number of aspects of the essays presented to them. Elements that were considered included the development of the subject from a legal perspective, authoritative findings and precedents of jurisprudence used as well as other avenues of research employed by the essay’s author.
The jury consisted of a number of recognized international professional specialists in the legal arena including Jorge Pintó, PhD and President of ISDE, as well as Juan Jose Sanchez PhD and Director of ISDE.

Other important law specialists who adjudicated the submitted essays were Antonio Vázquez-Guillén PhD and partner of the firm Allen & Overy, Jaime Velázquez PhD and Managing Partner of Clifford Chance, Enrique Arnaldo PhD and Vice Chancellor of the University Rey Juan Carlos of Spain.

There were more than 500 papers submitted this year with only 12 winners from both the professional and student categories being selected.

This awards group meets annually and consists of managing partners of law firms, deans and professors of universities as well as members of other sponsoring agencies.

This award is a richly deserved recognition for attorney Gonzalo Gutiérrez and a highlight of his years of study and litigation. This forward thinking Costa Rica lawyer has been able to revolutionize the area of legal marketing and through his innovative strategies, has aided his clients with conscientious and successful advice.

Attorney Gutierrez Acevedo holds two Master’s Degrees from Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología (ULACIT) in Tributary Law and Corporate Law. This highly educated attorney at law has also achieved a Masters in Modern Contracts at the University of Castilla – La Mancha in Spain.

Gonzalo’s appetite for learning compelled him to take post-graduate courses in contracts and damages with an emphasis in civil liability at the University of Salamanca (Spain). He also holds studies in international broker-dealership, arbitration and conciliation.

The expansion of his understanding of estate planning was addressed in Denver, Colorado.

To further develop his legal knowledge, this highly educated attorney received a Master’s Degree in Law Firm Administrative Processes and Management at the Institute of Law and Economy in Spain.

Gonzalo’s education and experience have brought him to the level of Managing Partner at AG Abogados where he also acts as an advisor to several foreign and national corporations specializing in litigation, foreign investments, real estate developments, corporate law, migratory law and estate planning. His commitment to his community is reflected in his further activities as a law professor.

The positive reputation of the law firm that attorney Gutiérrez helped found and now spearheads, is an oasis in a desert of mediocrity amongst legal firms in that country. His firm is well known for their reliability to foreigners from many nations when seeking legal council in Costa Rica.

Dealing with the law and government in Costa Rica might make you consider hiring a magician but what you really need is a group of lawyers that know every detail of Costa Rican law inside and out. AG Abagados has a legal staff with a depth of understanding and expertise in immigration, corporate, real estate, intellectual property, ligation & arbitration law as well as many other areas. Not only can they help navigate the complex world of Costa Rican law but they can also help strategize in planning your life and business in this tropical paradise.

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