Criminal Law firm – San Francisco Criminal Lawyer, Harjot ‘Ginny’ Walia

7 June 2010 – – The Law Firm of Harjot “Ginny” Walia is a premier criminal defense firm representing clients in state and federal criminal courts. This law firm has an extensive track record that spans several numbers of successful criminal cases. All misdemeanors & felonies in California State & Federal courts are handled by this Walia Law Firm. The Walia Law Firm handles all criminal cases varying from a DUI to Homicide.

Harjot “”Ginny”” Walia, San Francisco immigration attorney is committed to excellence and handle immigration matters such as deportation defense, asylum, etc. She is the founder of The Walia Law Firm who has handled huge number of cases throughout the criminal courts of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Ms. Ginny Walia’s extensive jury trial record, brilliant mind, competitive attitude and the willingness to fight for her clients has made this firm to reach its topmost level.

In private practice and as a San Francisco Public Defender, Ms. Walia has handled hundreds of criminal cases. As an expert legal analyst and a forensics expert in high profile criminal cases, Ms. Walia has been featured on national television channels such as Fox News and MSNBC more than 20 times in the last few years. She has also been recognized as a young and successful attorney in legal journals such as The Recorder and New York Law Journal. Many serious felony cases has been handled by Ms. Walia and from those which, when need media attention, it cannot be predicted. This substantial media experience of Ms. Walia has made it useful to protect clients in potentially-high profile cases.

As an experienced Trial Lawyer and an expert Legal Analyst, Ms. Walia has been featured on Fox News and MSNBC on many headliner criminal cases such as the Michael Jackson Case, Aruba Missing Girl Case, Scott Peterson Case, The Terry Schiavo Case, The Missing Honeymooner case and The Duke University Rape Case, all appeared on Shows such as The Scarborough County, O’Reilly Factor, Court TV and Fox News Live. You can browse the Media & Press page of their website which will give you all detail news and videos on these cases.

So, if you need any legal help or advice, please feel free to contact or call them for a confidential consultation.

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