Crisis Management Law Firm – New Parternship Promotions Maintains Schillings’ 50/50 Non-Legal to Legal Split

Crisis Management Law Firm - New Parternship Promotions Maintains Schillings' 50/50 Non-Legal to Legal Split 1

Schillings, the strategic crisis response law firm, is appointing two new partners to its multidisciplinary partnership team. Joelle Rich, previously Director of Legal, and Lily Kennett, formerly Director of Intelligence & Investigations, will be promoted to the firm’s partnership team on 1 May. This maintains Schillings’ split of 50/50 Legal to Non-Legal partners.

Lily Kennett joined Schillings in 2017 with a background in investigative journalism and a wealth of experience in corporate investigations. She has been integral to driving the growth and development of the Intelligence & Investigations team, in particular the team’s litigation support offering. The investigations team, ranked by Chambers & Partners for excellence in litigation support, underpins Schillings’ actions with respect to privacy and reputation, and works hand in hand with outside counsel on issues such as civil fraud, contentious litigation, asset recovery, and white-collar crime.

Lily commented: “Schillings is successfully pushing the boundaries of what a fully integrated Intelligence team can achieve for clients. The challenges facing our clients are complex. Resolving them quickly and efficiently requires close collaboration within a multidisciplinary team. I’m extremely proud of what our Intelligence & Investigations team has achieved in my time at Schillings to date. I believe we bring a real dynamism and passion for innovation to our work, and I look forward to all that lies ahead.”

Joelle Rich qualified as a Solicitor at DLA Piper before joining Schillings in 2011. She specialises in helping people and companies in the public eye protect their privacy and reputations, mainly at times of crisis. Joelle regularly handles media attention during particularly sensitive and unpredictable periods for her clients, using the law to protect them from arbitrary interference into their personal or business lives.

Joelle commented: “It’s a privilege to be joining the partnership at Schillings. I take pride in the opportunity to protect successful people from a range of threats to their privacy and reputations. As a firm, we are fearless about taking on hostile opponents, be they the media or otherwise. I look forward to continuing to protect our clients and allowing them to enjoy their privacy and their success”.

Rod Christie-Miller, Schillings’ CEO, commented: “In such unpredictable and uncertain times clients deserve the best multi-disciplinary teams to help them face down the reputation, privacy and security threats they face. Those threats are increasingly complex and come from a vast array of sources – they could be political rivals, commercial rivals or even business insiders or an angry spouse. Threats can be online, anonymous, international, multi-faceted and incredibly fast-moving so you need to be multi-talented, multi-national and fast-moving to deal with them. Joelle and Lily are a great example of this – a brilliant intelligence expert working side by side with an expert media lawyer is so much more powerful than keeping these disciplines separate”.

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