Cruise Passengers Injured On Tour Bus

March 6, 2009 (by Otto Smyth)

According to reports sixteen passengers from a Celebrity Cruise ship were injured when a excursion bus ran off the road.

The passengers were on the Celebrity Summit and were taken to a local Dominica Republic hospital where 11 of the passengers were admitted overnight. While they were kept overnight five of the Celebrity staff members remained with them including a nurse.

Since the bus accident there have been specially trained Celebrity Guest Care Team members including another nurse who arrived at Roseau Dominica to escort the seriously injured passengers to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami by an air flight.

The 16 passengers that were injured had sustained injuries including broken bones, lacerations, bumps and bruises and three passengers sustained more serious injuries.

The Celebrity ship the Summit left San Juan, Puerto Rico on a seven night Caribbean Cooking Adventure cruise. The passengers were on a shore excursion to join local culinary experts to learn how to prepare traditional Caribbean dishes and concluded with a scenic drive through Roseau prior to going to the pier.

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