CUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 11 2004 LAWFUEL – Law, legal management, …

CUPERTINO, Calif., Oct. 11 2004 LAWFUEL – Law, legal management, attorney, law firm news — Pivia(TM) Inc., the leader in Web Application Delivery and Optimization, today announced that one of the leading law firms, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae L.L.P. (LLGM), has purchased the Pivia Performance Server (PPS). LLGM bought the PPS in conjunction with a LexisNexis® Portal, powered by Plumtree, to allow its attorneys, paralegals and employees around the world to instantaneously access financial reports, HR documents, time keeping records and other administrative documents.

“As our reporting and analysis capabilities became more sophisticated, user demand for information grew, placing a strain on our ability to deliver this information in a timely and efficient manner,” said LLGM’s CFO Joel Sanders. “Although the Plumtree corporate portal provided an elegant solution, performance is always a critical factor, especially given some of our remote locations.”

LLGM has deployed a Plumtree-powered portal to increase corporate productivity, decrease traffic on the wide area network (WAN), and free up data storage so users can access current and historical reports directly, without assistance from other employees. LLGM has found that documents download on a LAN quickly, but download times are inconsistent for users on a slower connection.

Pivia’s solution optimizes the “fingertip to eyeball” experience for all users by accelerating content delivery to remote and low-bandwidth environments. Pivia’s Express Documents reduces access times to reports and PDF files from a company’s portal without requiring changes to the portal computing infrastructure. When deployed, the PPS reduces access times to reports and PDF files from a company’s portal, enabling users to download documents within a few seconds per page.

“Providing high end-user quality-of-service for application users is key to a company’s overall corporate performance,” said Zorawar Biri Singh, chief executive officer of Pivia Software. “Our strategic partnership with Plumtree allows companies to realize the tremendous benefits of utilizing a global portal by ensuring that application speed does not inhibit portal use due to network latency or low bandwidth connections.”

“As companies deliver an increasing range of information and services through their portals, technology to accelerate performance over the last mile is a high priority,” said Tony Sanders, vice president of alliances at Plumtree Software. “Pivia’s Performance Server is helping our customers get top performance from their portals even in remote and low-bandwidth environments.”

Pivia Express Documents

Pivia’s Express Documents is a key feature within PPS which is used to accelerate documents and PDF files within a Plumtree Portal. Express Documents reduces the number of overall browser-to-server network roundtrips and optimizes what the user sees by displaying documents page by page instead of waiting for the entire document to load.

About Plumtree Software

Plumtree Software is the Enterprise Web leader. Plumtree’s mission is to create a comprehensive Web environment for employees, customers and partners across the enterprise to interact with different systems and work together. Plumtree’s Enterprise Web solution consists of integration products for bringing resources from traditional systems together on the Web, shared services such as collaboration, content management and search for building new Web applications, and a portal framework for delivering these Web applications to broad audiences. Plumtree’s independence and its Web Services Architecture allow this solution to span rival platforms and systems, helping maximize customers’ return on their existing technology investments. With offices in more than a dozen countries, Plumtree has over licensed its products to over 640 customers, including Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Procter & Gamble and the U.S. Navy.

About Pivia

Pivia Inc., the leader in Web Application Delivery and Optimization, provides solutions for Global 2000 enterprises to improve the quality-of-service and performance of Web applications including CRM, SCM, SFA, corporate portals, Web email access, and e-commerce applications. The Pivia Performance Server (PPS) is the only solution in the industry that is “Application Smart” and accelerates LAN, WAN, Internet and Extranet applications — providing a complete solution for all users regardless of location. Pivia customers experience greater adoption of Web-enabled applications, reduced infrastructure costs, improved customer and partner satisfaction, and increased employee productivity. Pivia is located in Cupertino, California and has received funding from Sutter Hill Ventures and Thomas Weisel Venture Partners. For more information, visit or call 408-517-3333.

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