Is Proud to Announce Our Fifth Full-Time Writer Has Defended Her PhD Project

One of the top achievements in academia is to pursue and receive a PhD, not every person is capable of accomplishing such a feat. At we are proud to have the honor and privilege of announcing our fifth full-time writer who has completed this goal. Our writer has successfully defended her PhD project. It may seem that a fifth achievement is not as great as the first one – that it starts to pall after that. However, for it’s an important stage. The very fact that this achievement is the fifth PhD and not the first symbolizes that our policy of providing financial support for postgraduate studies for our writers is successful.

At we now have five full-time writers who have managed to successfully defend their PhD projects. We just now watched our fifth writer achieve her goal. We have helped these writers attain their goals by providing financial support for postgraduate studies. Also, these writers have been working hard at helping our customers at the same time that they maintained their own academic studies which is important to note. These writers are hard working and determined and they work hard for our customers every day. We are very proud of what our newest PhD has accomplished and we are glad we could be of help.

You can learn about the news and events of our company by visiting us at You can also call us anytime at our customer support service. is here to help when you need anything concerning custom written papers. We have been in business for some time and employ only the best writers. Some of the services we provide include writing custom papers, editing, proofreading and research. We work with all types of papers and any deadline.

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