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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, Dec. 1, 2010 – There are different ways of preparing for the Christmas holidays. Businesses know that is the fruitful time of the year for a lot of them. But at the same time, failing to provide their services and products to all of their customers makes them loose income. Because people, that don’t get served in a timely manner and with proper quality, will go looking for another place to handle their business.
In a lot of cases the problems don’t even go further than simple management and logistics failures. “We realized this a long time ago, and that is why our customers never feel frustrated about their orders being delivered on time. Even during the high season before Christmas.” – says Carolyn Marwick, of project.
This company realized that, implementing proper management techniques is absolutely vital for their business to gain that additional income share before holidays. So what is exactly done, to keep the service going as usual, 24/7 every day of the peak ordering season? First of all, the employees from less vital departments are transferred additionally to the busiest departments. For example, some of the Quality Assurance staffers are transferred directly to the Support team. That way all of the incoming communication is handled faster and they can resolve the issues associated with quality, if any, on the spot.
Plus the IT department has extended working hours. That is achieved by hiring freelance IT specialists for the season, thus allowing keeping the normal working hours of any employee of the IT department intact. This solution allows having the system working all the time, and making sure that none of the possible computer threats, bugs or glitches will affect the customer experience.
It is hard to keep up with the pace of demand on some of the booming markets. That is why any company should be able to implement such measures to rip the benefits of modern economy.
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