The Secret To Cutting Crime: Fire Your Police Department

The Secret To Cutting Crime: Fire Your Police Department

Dropping crime generally means good policing and everything else that entails. But in the case of Texas town Sharpstown it meant firing the town police department and hiring a private security firm.

Quick result: A 61 percent drop in the town’s crime rate in 20 months.

That’s a result that any city or town would surely give its City Hall to achieve.

Part of the reason is that police are part of government and that means slow change.

As the FreeThoughtProcess reports, this means that any progressive change for the better takes ten times longer than it would in the private sector; if it happens at all. Government police are not driven by efficiency and threats from liability, as neither one of these things are needed when you have a tax farm to rob when things get tight.

Contrary to the government apparatus, private police, must be efficient as well as safe, for one small mistake or claim could end their entire operation. If an inefficiency is spotted within the system, changes must be implemented swiftly to avoid the loss of revenue.

The reason for the success rate of SEAL Security is that they can see a problem and quickly adapt versus trying to spin the rusty cogs of the bureaucratic process. And that is exactly what SEAL did in Sharpstown.

According to, Alexander cites the continuous patrol of SEAL’s officers in their assigned neighborhoods as opposed to the strategy of intermittent presence that the constable embraced. “On a constable patrol contract, it’s either a 70/30 or an 80/20. Meaning they say they patrol your community 70 percent of the time, [while] 30 percent of the time they use for running calls out of your area or writing reports.”

Source: FreeThoughtProcess
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