Personal Injury Attorney Talks About Dangerous Drugs

“Think twice before taking oral prescriptions especially if you do not have a medical condition that requires taking those medications,” personal injury lawyer John M. O’Brien is advising.

“In 2013 there have been 36 drug recalls issued by the Food and Drug Administration.” says attorney John M. O’Brien. “Anyone who is aware that FDA posts the recalls can count them on their website and then start to question themselves if it’s normal for so many prescription drugs destined to cure people, actually have so many dangerous possible side effects!”
Some conditions may not always need or require medication; like certain mild forms of depression or birth control prevention. Both these conditions have other methods people could use to control them. Many women still use birth control pills with well-known alleged side effects like heart attack, stroke, liver damage, pulmonary embolism, hypertension and depression just to name a few and those suffering of depression are prescribed drugs with side effects like worsening of depression leading to suicidal behavior, cardiac failure, cerebral and memory problems, confusion, aggressiveness and panic attacks. These pills are widely known and used, despite the numerous complaints, and are still available on the market.

“People need to develop awareness of the risks associated with all medical products and not entirely rely on prescriptions and medical opinions but actively participate and self research the drugs and products,” John O’Brien said.

About John M. O’Brien

Attorney John M. O’Brien is a personal injury lawyer with a great reputation serving Sacramento, Elk Grove and San Francisco area. He has over 18 years of experience in practice areas like auto accident injuries, maritime accident injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, burn injuries, nursing home abuse, animal attacks, product liability, dangerous drugs and wrongful death.

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