Diabetes 60 System To Help Diabetes Sufferers Beat Their Disease

Diabetes 60 System To Help Diabetes Sufferers Beat Their Disease

The use of high intensity interval training to beat diabetes is something that has been used before, but a new program developed by a doctor is now being shown to be effective in the control of Diabetes II.

The “Diabetes 60” system is designed to permit high intensity “60 second” training to be used to reduce blood sugar levels and control or defeat Type II diabetes. Dr Ryan Sheldon’s program is one that uses HIIT to safely control the disease with is an afflixion affecting millions of Americans and others.

Diabetes continues to increase its incidence and to create additional issues for health authorities and others.

The US News and Word Report recently carried a health report about controlling diabetes, saying:

Healthy eating and staying active are key steps in living a healthy life with diabetes. Managing your diabetes is about finding balance, rather than cutting out everything you enjoy. It may seem challenging at first, but even a few small adjustments can make a big difference:

Switch to diet drinks, seltzer or water, and away from regular soda and juices, which are high in sugar. Resist sweetening your coffee or tea.

The ability to control the disease and diabetes education programs are proliferating as more sufferers from diabetes seek treatment. However increasingly it is seen as a lifestyle disease also which affects those who might better control it through good eating and exercise habits, quite apart from quitting smoking and similar.

The result is an increased ability for ordinary sufferers to actually work towards controlling the disease.

The Diabetes 60 System is one such attempt that is now securing itself as a successful program able to help ordinary people control the disease from home.

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