Do Dogs Bite the Uniform or the Person?

Do Dogs Bite The Uniform?

It was a hot sunny afternoon and officer Smith of the Huntington Police Department was parked in the cool shade of a tree. He took a sip of his soft drink and continued to fill out his latest crime report while nibbling on his doughnut and thinking of ways to generate revenue for the city. Suddenly, the patrol car radio crackled and the dispatcher gave out the urgent call. A vicious dog attack was underway. An officer was on the scene and a mailman was down. Two Pit Bull terriers had attacked the mailman as he was delivering the Saturday mail.

The two dogs were on the one mailman savagely tearing his flesh as the he helplessly flailed about on the ground. An elderly neighbor woman had seen it all happen and had called 911 to get help from the police. The first officer responded in record time. He yelled at the dogs to stop. The dogs ignored him. The officer called for back up and drew his weapon.

Meanwhile, officer Smith quickly put down the crime report he had been working on and responded to the call, Code 3, lights and sirens blaring. He drove up just in time to see the first responding officer take his shot at one of the dogs. The first dog was hit in the jaw. Amazingly, the dog continued to try to bite and tear at the mailman. Officer Smith quickly departed his vehicle with his weapon already drawn.

Just as the second Pit Bull lunged for the mailman’s throat, he squeezed off a round. The bullet struck the second dog dead square in he chest. The dog died instantly. Just then, the first Pit Bull fell to the ground. He had finally succumbed to the jaw injury. Officer Smith and the first officer breathed a quick sigh of relief, and then administered emergency first aid to the injured mailman as they awaited the arrival of the ambulance.

Scenes like this can happen at any given time in Huntington Beach and other Orange County cities, as well as in Long Beach, or Marina del Rey. Is it strange the dogs would go after the mailman? Do Dogs bite the uniform? Apparently not. For every mailman bitten there are around 1000 children bitten every year.

So it’s not the uniform that enrages a dog. Dogs are very territorial. The mailman invades his territory on a daily basis. A child can wander into it or any number of other people may innocently enter his territory. This is why we need Dog Attack Attorneys and personal injury attorneys. If you have been bitten by a dog and need help filing a claim for compensation, don’t hesitate to contact a good Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer for help at 888-400-9721. Even if injured by a dog in LA while traveling. Address 633 W. Fifth St., 28th Fl. Los Angeles, CA 90071; 1875 Century Park East Suite 700 Los Angeles, CA 90067; 14003 Palawan Way Marina del Rey, CA 90292; 620 Newport Center Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660.