Drug Crimes Lawyer Milwaukee Offers Protection Of Your Rights With Solid Defense

LawFuel.com – Criminal Law News – In Wisconsin, drug crimes are not taken lightly, and you can face extensive charges for even possessing a very small amount of marijuana. You may also face even more serious charges, particularly if you have a criminal record. In any type of situation where you are accused of or charged with any type of drug crime in the state of Wisconsin, it is vital that you contact an experienced Drug Crimes lawyer Milwaukee as soon as you can, available at the firm of Kohn & Smith, online at www.kohnandsmith.com.

They will be able to provide you with defense throughout the state of Wisconsin, regardless of the drug offenses you have been charged with. They have an extensive understanding of how the state and federal drug laws function, as well as what the guidelines for sentencing are and how they can negatively impact your life in every aspect. With complete honesty and openness, they will discuss your case with you about what is expected of you, the possible penalties that you could face in your drug charges. The firm of Kohn & Smith can provide more than 50 years of combined experience, and have successfully defended a wide range of drug crimes clients, including possession, possession with intent to deliver, drug houses, prescription fraud, distribution, trafficking, manufacturing, cultivation and conspiracy.

As the leading drug crimes lawyer Milwaukee, Kohn & Smith will be able to provide you with the most extensive criminal offense possible both in and out of the courtroom. They work extremely hard to preserve your rights, ensuring that every piece of evidence that has been gathered was done properly, and you will always be provided with strongest, soundest defense that you rightly deserve. In addition to drug crimes, the firm of Kohn & Smith is also available to assist you with an experienced and knowledgeable White Collar Crimes lawyer Wisconsin.

They understand the extensive list of white-collar crimes, which include banks, mail, credit card and health care fraud, corporate and identity theft, Internet and computer crimes, conspiracy, RICO crimes, extortion and much more. With seasoned trial lawyers, they have won a variety of white-collar cases in the courtroom, and have the strongest reputation that his results based in Wisconsin. With this experience, they have defended and investigated all types of cases of white-collar crimes, including embezzlement, extortion and fraud.

As your white collar crimes lawyer Wisconsin, the firm of Kohn & Smith knows what it takes to investigate and defend your case, as well as providing you with a number of actions that may be taken in order to reduce or even eliminate the criminal charges against you. Even in situations where this is not possible, is still vital that you contact an experienced white-collar crime attorney to defend you in every aspect of your case, protecting you and your rights to find out more, visit www.kohnandsmith.com, or contact their office by telephone at 414-273-0203. In addition, you can also contact their firm in person, which is located at 1110 N. Old World Third Street, Suite 620 in Milwaukee.

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