Eddie Murphy Death – The Ongoing Online Dead Celebrity Hoax Saga

Lawfuel.com – Eddie Murphy is dead, says the latest ‘dead celebrity’ hoax, a phenomenon that continues to gather pace as the online world responds to the most titillating or enticing news piece about.

Rumors that actor Eddie Murphy had died began circulating on the Internet on Friday as the hashtag “RIP Eddie Murphy” began trending massively on Twitter.

Problem is – although not for Eddie Murphy – he is most assuredly not dead.

However the problem does not end there, for the hoax sagas that plague some celebrities, specifically those relating to phony deaths, is something that can cause major issues for the celebrities and their families, as well as their fans.

Celebrity death hoaxes have become quite popular lately. From Drake to Jon Bon Jovi to Adele. Part of the problem is the prodigious outpourings of material from various news sites and blogs, as well as social media sites.

Are there legal issues here? And where and who would a celebrity sue?

The fact is the genesis of these hoaxes is hard to find and at the end of the day the celebrities tend to put the issue down to just ‘being a celebrity’.

However, sooner or later, someone is going to shoot home the originator of the dead celebrity hoax and then there will be some legal fireworks.

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