Ehline Law Firm PC’s Scholarship Fund for Students

Ehline Law Firm PC's Scholarship Fund for Students

Ehline Law has become one of the foremost personal injury law firms in the greater Los Angeles area based on our reputation of going the extra mile for our clients and the victims of accidents and torts. We built our way from the bottom up, with our lead attorney, Michael Ehline ‘reading the law’ through the California and passing the bar while working with some of the finest legal minds in the region. He knows what it is like to start out in the competitive world around LA.

Ehline Law Firm PC's Scholarship Fund for Students

Ehline and his partners look forward to assisting others that are going to make a positive contribution to California and the world. A disabled Marine, Ehline has particular sensitivity to the needs and struggles of military personnel, veterans, and their families. We assist in any way possible, whether the student is involved in law study or law school. We’ve gone from the bottom to the top and want to help others follow a similar path to success.

Life is more than just school, but sometimes school is a difficult issue for people short on time and money. However, school or experience in the legal field can be the key to the rest of a person’s law. We aim to boost the efforts of those that are helping themselves.

As such, Ehline Law has announced two $500 law school scholarship funds for worthy candidates (Read More Here.)

We’ve divided the two scholarships for those that need it:

Military Veteran’s Law Scholarship

All applicants must provide a copy of their DD-214 with proof of honorable discharge as well as a 500-plus word essay about why and how veterans can make a difference in improving the image of the practice of law. Please include examples of how discipline, honor, and motivation of military service can help create a better attorney and improve the overall image of attorneys. From basic training to discharge– what did you learn? How can you apply it to law school and beyond? How did you meet those challenges and decide to enter into law school? Why did you choose law school over any other profession. Explain portions of your service, including experience in combat or as an MP. We’d like to hear about how you’ll make the legal world and wider world a better place.

Tort Law Contest Scholarship

Include a 500+ word essay about how to improve the image of the personal injury profession. Use examples of at least one recent rase of capping or running and how attorneys can avoid the image of being an “ambulance chaser.” Explain how personal injury attorneys improve society and if possible how you will contribute to this trend.

We hope to use these scholarships as a way to provide supplemental income to assist in legal education.

In order to be eligible, participants must:

  • Be enrolled in an accredited Law Office Study Program, or Law School, such as a judge’s chambers, law school, or other university in the several states.
  • Either prove a GPA that shows cumulative Grade Point Average(GPA) of 3.0 or higher, or proof of continuous law office study up until the time of the receipt of the award.
  • All submissions shall be received by October 15th of each calendar year.
  • All veterans must show proof of honorable discharge.

We will consider all articles. Even those that do not win the contest will also be considered for publication on one of our legal blogs, including the author’s name and bios. We will consider all non-winning articles for a chance at recognition and honorable mention on our esteemed legal sites. Please email essays to: info at

Please include all forms in Word or WordPerfect Format. Include your DD214 and proof of GPA as a PDF attachment. Send your full name, name of the attorney, judge, or school under which you study, and the names and contact info of at least two character references. Former commanding officers and NCOs are acceptable for veterans as character references. We hope to have you participate in the scholarship and and we will be offering the same award yearly.

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