eLaw, LLC (www.elaw.com) announced this morning that it will soon be r…

eLaw, LLC (www.elaw.com) announced this morning that it will soon be releasing the remaining 49 counties in New York to join the original 13 county docket tracking website. Now, regardless of the venue, eLaw.com will provide case searching, docket tracking, calendaring, synchronizing, copying and appearing services for the entire State of New York.

“We’ve attracted over 43,500 members to eLaw.com with the original 13 counties we delivered to the virtual world. Our first three years are notable in meaningful functionality and usability enhancements,” commented Dominick Esposito, Executive Director of Business Development, eLaw, LLC. “We have now taken another major step in including the ‘upper 49’ – the remaining counties of the Empire State thereby significantly extending our coverage.”

“By mid-December, we will provide our full range of services across the state including case management synchronization,” continued Ed Denne, Chief Operating Officer, eLaw, LLC.
“Imagine having docket date changes from any venue feed directly and automatically into your case management system
– full details directly into Microsoft Outlook, LexPI, Time Matters and TrialWorks to name a few. No manual tracking.
No error prone re-entry of information. No late breaking surprises.”

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