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Ralph McKay, Founder of the Parliament’s Dome of Conscience, says, “Committed voting from the major parties in the Dome of Conscience is the most enlightened parliamentary reform the independents can ask for and they have before.”

The Dome is an online opinion market style voting forum for parliamentarians. It gives every parliamentarian equal control over the voting agenda, a continuous voice on a national stage and a symbolic transparent conscience vote on any issue at any time. The Dome creates a live scoreboard of opinions and issues before the Parliament that connects with the people. An integrated united voice of the Parliament. A place to float and test creative ideas. It costs the taxpayer nothing.

McKay says, “A government that routinely ignores or suppresses the voice of the opposition and independents — being typically close to half the peoples’ elected representatives — is imbalanced with inherently unstable actions, regardless of longevity. A Parliament in which the majority of elected representatives feel pressured to hide opinions not aligned with the party line is opaque and in part dishonest.”

The DOME-ocracy of Mass Enlightenment, will serve the national interest when the Parliament accepts it. For a brief period the independents may have the power to make it happen.

Dome brief history

In June 2002 independent Robert Oakeshott, launched the Dome of Conscience in the Parliament of NSW. The same year Liberal Member for Flinders Greg Hunt launched the Dome in the Federal Parliament, political analyst Malcolm Mackerras said, “I think this is a great idea and I hope all Members of all Parliaments will join it,” and independent Richard Torbay said, “The Dome gives all MPs an opportunity to vote with their conscience without threatening a party line or the party system.” In March 2003 then Labor Member for Franklin Harry Quick challenged all parliamentarians to visit the Dome and vote on the Iraq issue. In 2005, as Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin Rudd voted once in the Dome. Many other parliamentarians have supported the Dome idea at times.

Dome example

A version of the Dome can be seen at www.domeoz.com. During the 2010 election campaign period 154 candidates submitted and voted on 119 opinion placards. This included 44 Greens and 23 Independents.

The Dome is ready for immediate use in the Parliament.

Ralph McKay
Founder — Dome of Conscience
02 9918 4270

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