Eric Bailey In Overcoming Obstacles

Eric Bailey is a man who knows about having obstacles in life. Now a global success, entrepreneur and businessman he never forgets what he had to overcome to escape the harsh poverty he faced as a child on the streets of South Central Los Angeles.

In fact, he now spends his time travelling Australia and the globe, teaching, encouraging and inspiring those he meets about how to handle the challenges we all face in life.However, it is not always easy, Eric is often contacted by leading companies at crisis point to assist and intervene in some of the toughest situations imaginable. Recently he was called into Qantas to talk and encourage staff during a much-publicised time of immense inner company turmoil.

Fortunately for all involved it was a success, and one staff member even jokingly said, “Forget The Terminator… Eric Bailey is The Activator” referring to his immense stature, passion and focus on getting people to take action.Eric started life as a rejected child with bad knees in a terrible, drug-riddled and impoverished neighbourhood where crime and drugs were a way of life.

Instead of holding him back, Eric learnt how to face challenges head-on, in an environment where his skills and strategies were forged in the furnace of cold, hard life experience.His methods worked and Eric went from being barely literate at twelve years old to winning a college scholarship and going on to succeed in a variety of careers and pursuits including a lengthy career as a professional basketball player, distinguished businessman, and currently he now travels the world as a professional speaker.

He loves what he does, is rated in the top 10% of speakers globally and Eric says he is only just getting started.Ranked as the world’s Number One Activational Speaker, Eric believes that in life, people need more than just motivation; they need to take action to overcome the obstacles they face.And whatever he’s doing… it’s clearly working because each day and after every event, Eric is flooded with stories of how he has helped to change people’s lives, often in very significant ways. Whilst there are many stories of success, the ones that have a personal impact constantly drive Eric to work with others. One such example is a client, and now friend who said, “I never believed in coaching until you helped me find a job and repair my marriage.” (P. Robinson)On a more serious note, a young female student who had been suicidal depressed heard Eric speak at her school.

The result was literally life-changing, she said “I just wanted to let you know that you changed my life. You gave me hope, and you made me realize a lot of things… I used to think that a girl like me would have no future… I used to feel pointless and useless. Your speech made me turn my life around. Thank you, Eric. Just know you gave a 15 year old teenager a second chance at life.” Student (surname withheld for privacy)Eric is a living example and proof that we can all overcome our obstacles, no matter what they are. Perhaps that is why he is so successful? Because he’s real, gritty and very raw. Eric’s message isn’t philosophy, motivation or cheap hype, but that we can face obstacles with confidence and use specific strategies to overcome them, because as Eric says, “as long as you have breath, you have life”.For more information visit:

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