Extraminds Achieved Its Target For 2011

Extraminds have successfully met all its target laid down for the year 2011 and has succeeded in beating the competitions in its domain industry, till date. An updated statistics with respect to the popularity of the portal concluded that Extraminds have entered into the social life of students and non-students group, located in various pockets of the world. It is receiving hundreds of new registrations each new hour and online interaction on the portal is taking place all round-the-clock.

“Extraminds is more than just a social networking website. The main objective of introducing Extraminds is to motivate people to enhance their learning power. The site is at its budding stage and yet, it is receiving outstanding responses. Besides taking advantages of the edusocial networking features available on the website, users are now demanding for some more e-learning facilities. As always, we are sure to meet their expectations in the years to come”, said Mr. Roger Kumar, Managing Director of Case Extraminds Edusocial Ltd

Extraminds performs dual role i.e. offering free education online and social networking altogether. The edusocial portal is being designed with user-friendly features that make learning easy and interesting. For instance, the educational videos are supported with textual content and graphic illustrations so as to make learning possible without the use of textbooks.

Moreover, the portal has advance functionalities to perform networking features like sharing photographs, notes, making friends online, chatting in group/single, maintaining personal diary online and many more. In short, Extraminds depicts the ultimate amalgamation of E-learning tools with networking utilities.

If you’d like to be a part of Extraminds, then register yourself at www.extraminds.com

About Case Extraminds Edusocial Ltd

Launched in the year 2011, Case Extraminds Edusocial Ltd is one of its kinds amongst the education service providers across the globe. The company with its well-designed edusocial portal- Extraminds is dedicated towards providing free education online in the arena of social networking. By introducing this networking site, the company aims to educate masses with an extra-ordinary approach.

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