Fabio Crashes Expensive Ferrari Today

Amazing, freaky looking,long faced Fabio crashes his friend’s expensive Ferrari, claiming he had no brakes.

According to reports by car accident lawyers in Los Angeles, Fabio Lanzoni the famed Italian model and actor was involved in a crash when he reportedly lost his breaks.

According to Fabio’s representative the Italian model was involved in an accident while driving a Ferrari Scaglietti owned by World Class Driving. The crash occurred after his passenger heard him yell he had no brakes.

Its been reported that Fabio took a turn at to high a rate of speed and then lost control of the borrowed $300,000 vehicle and crashed off of the road. The vehicle was damaged on the front, right side and back of the sports car.

A spokes person for World Class Driving stated they have no comment other than they are not proud that their Ferrari was damage by Fabio in the weekend crash.

There has been no reports released by the Los Angeles Police Department about the accident involving the Italian model.

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