8 Easy Ways To Increase Your Law Firm’s Facebook Engagement

how to increase law firm facebook engagement

Facebook remains a key tool for any business’s online social media strategy. The full power of the network is frequently missed by many, however, through some basic “Facebook neglects”.

Many lawyers remain uncertain – even untrusting – of the network. They are unsure about how to use it, how frequently to use it and what should be posted.

People don’t want to hear endlessly about your triumphs and how good you are. You need to increase engagement by creating content that is relevant and personal.

Here are … ways your firm or business can quickly increase your fan engagement on facebook.

1. Best Times – Post when your fans are most likely to be on Facebook, which is before and after work – ie 8pm and 7am, which will show a 20 per cent greater engagement, increase your “likes” and comments.

The best days are shown to be Wednesday and Sunday for posting.


2. Post quality. Better quality is better than frequency, so focus on providing better quality posts a couple of times a day. You don’t want to crowd the newsfeeds of your fans with low quality posts so focus on some good material.

3. Post frequency.  Knowing how often to post is one of the key questions many people are unable to decide. However, research has shown (Buddy Media) that posting one or two times a day will provide up to 40 percent greater engagement.


4.  Post pictures.  Good images provide one of the easiest and best ways to engage.  Although other social networks like Pinterest and Instagram and picture-focused, that is no reason to ignore the power of the picture.

Select some great images about your work, your firm, your observations or even multiple pictures when you ask for a choice as to your fans’ favorite.

5. Watch the length. Try and make a concise interesting post – between one and 40 characters, to drive high engagement. Certainly keep your character length below 80 for a predicted 66 per cent higher engagement.

6. Ask questions.  Asking questions can double the amount of comments you receive. Like anything, building a relationship and a good two-way exchange is a great way to ensure you build your fan base and engagement. So spark some dialog by asking questions.

You can generate a huge response by asking for advice, information, views on a key topic.

6. Calls to action. This is very much the area of the retail salesmen, but a call to action can generate massive responses and there is no reason why a personal injury attorney or some other lawyer cannot ask for a response to a particular issue.

Consider a major advertiser and Facebook user like Subway who use the technique frequently.

This post for instance garnered over 53,000 likes:



7. Fill the blanks. The ‘fill the blanks’ strategy can generate high engagement also, as well as far higher comments. This is used frequently in the retail branding space and yet few firms or companies use it to simply build their fan engagement.

8. Keep posts simple. Interesting content and videos will always drive engagement but using simple, single picture, quotes and words will help drive engagement easily. A few words, like status posts, can provide huge benefits in terms of engagement.

So there are 8 simple tips to start generating greater Facebook engagement and building your law brand quickly and easily.  Remember too that by focusing on your brand you are also focusing on providing the sort of legal services and achieving the vision you want for your firm.


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