Facebook Judge “Friends” Again

Facebook Judge "Friends" Again

The “Facebook” Judge who unfriended Kirland & Ellis has reconsidered his actions, reported here, and apologized for his criticism of the associate who bore the brunt of his barrage.

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Craig Primis

Reuters reported that the judge (Nicholas Garaufis) on Tuesday apologized to the extent his comments may have sounded like criticism of the associate, but said he was concerned about whether Facebook’s lawyers at Kirkland & Ellis LLP were taking the matter seriously.

“We heard you loud and clear, and we apologize,” Craig Primis, a partner at Kirkland & Ellis, told Garaufis.

Mr Primis is a long serving partner at Kirland, who appeared from the DC office of the firm, although there were others in the Facebook team who travelled long distances to be at the status conference, including Facebook’s deputy general counsell, Paul Grewal who came from California to attend.

So Judge Garaufis was certainly garnering the high level attention he thought the Facebook class action warranted.

But he also drew some fire for the intensity of his Aleppo-style flaming of the young lawyer chastised for making the appearance prior to the ‘unfriending’ incident.

As AbovetheLaw noted, –

So all’s well that ends well. Kirkland and Facebook apologized to Judge Garaufis, Judge Garaufis apologized to them, and Facebook reassured the judge that it takes very seriously its obligation to make sure its platform is not used to incite terrorism (the subject matter of the underlying lawsuit).

This is an outcome that everyone can “like.”

Primis told the Judge that Facebook will be seeking the dismissal of both lawsuits on grounds including that as a communications platform, it had immunity from being sued under federal law.


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