Family Aarded Millions in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

BOSTON – December 20, 2007— Family members of a coach killed in a bus accident near Gillette Stadium in Boston were awarded at least $4.4 million by a civil jury Tuesday in Suffolk Superior Court.

The bus accident occurred back in 2003 when a shuttle bus was taking people to and from a parking lot during the Deutsche Bank Open golf tournament in Norton.

The man who did was a football coach named Thomas Kelly, who was also an English teacher at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School.

A gust of wind careened into a metal parking gate that was not locked causing an 8-inch double-shafted pole to crash into windshield of the bus, driving it directly into the passenger bus aisle.

The pole pinned Kelly down and injured two others. Kelly’s left leg was almost amputated and severely breaking his right leg. Kelly was evacuated by helicopter and had several surgeries, eventually succumbing to his wounds about a month later.

Kelly’s family sued for wrongful death against five defendants, as well as the bus driver and his employer, the bus company.

Ehline Law Firm PC claims that the jury acquitted the bus driver and bus company, but found Foxboro Realty Associates, Apollo Security and Standard Parking, and, who owns the land around the stadium liable in wrongful death for failing to properly secure the gate. Speak to an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney if something similar has happened to you in California or Orange County.

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