FAQ: How to Simplify Navigating the Aftermath of a Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle accident law and faq

Motor cycle accidents are an unfortunate and major fact of life – or death – with Between 1966 and 2008, the NHTSA estimating 148,000 people deaths from motorcycle accidents in the period from 1966 until 2008.

There are obviously many factors that need to be taken into account when handling the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, not the least being to attend to injury issues and damage to your motorcycle.

However the commencement of obtaining compensation should be a priority given that the longer you wait to seek restitution the more difficult the case becomes to prove.


Get Yourself to Safety on the Double 

In the wake of a motorcycle accident, your immediate safety should take precedence over all else. So, if you’re in the middle of the road, take care to get yourself to a safe location on the double.

Additionally, as much as you may wish to protect your bike, you’ll need to leave it where it is if it can no longer be driven. Attempting to rescue a bike that isn’t operational is likely to place you in harm’s way and result in further injuries – or worse. So, regardless of how precious your bike is to you, it’s important to remember that your personal safety is infinitely more important.  

Photograph Personal Injuries and Bike Damage 

Once you’re in a safe location, set to work photographing any injuries you incurred as a result of the accident.

Next, provided you’re able to do so without placing yourself – or anyone else – in danger, get some photos of your bike, as well as any damage done to other vehicles or the surrounding area.

These post-accident photos will help you make your case to both law enforcement and any insurance companies you wind up having to deal with.    

Exchange Information with the Responsible Party 

Since this is likely going to be a matter that’s settled between insurance companies, you’d do well to swap insurance info with the responsible party before leaving the scene.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that motorcycle insurance and cheap car insurance are two very different things. If the party in question is uncooperative or doesn’t have insurance, simply wait for the police to arrive and make them aware of the situation.


Call 911 

You’ll need to make law enforcement and emergency services aware of the accident ASAP.

In fact, depending on where you’re located, failing to inform the police of an accident that’s caused vehicle damage, property damage or personal injury may constitute illegal activity. Getting in touch with the police also ensures that there will be an official accident report, which can prove helpful to your efforts at seeking restitution. 

Having emergency services on the scene ensures that any injuries you’ve incurred will be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner by seasoned professionals.

You’re liable to be high on adrenaline in the immediate aftermath of an accident, and this can have a large impact on the way you perceive certain injuries. For example, an injury that’s quite severe may seem fairly minor until such time as you’ve come down from all the adrenaline. As such, emergency services may be needed to help you realize the full extent of your injuries. 

Consider Hiring a Lawyer 

If insurance companies are continually giving you the runaround or you’re interested in pursuing legal action against the motorist who caused the accident, consider enlisting the aid of a skilled attorney who has handled claims of this kind.

The use of a motorcycle attorney will depend of course on any injury you sustain, which may range from permanent disability with accompanying loss of quality of life, or something that is less serious.

However there can also be economic loss as well.

The losses suffered from a motorcycle accident can be complex and involve significant assembly of necessary evidence to establish damages, both emotional, physical and economic.

As with the obtaining of accident photographs, collecting the various bills, expenses and other information is important.

There can also be non-economic damages too, including a range of costs including:

  • reduced earnings
  • medical expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of enjoyment of life

An experienced motor cycle accident lawyer can assist in the preparation of your case, as well as dealing with the insurance company and witnesses. Local knowledge is important too and (in our case) as lawyers in the Mile High City we are a motorcycle accident lawyer in Denver, CO, but any experienced lawyer who is familiar with both state and federal laws and motor cycle injury cases can greatly assist in making a successful claim.


The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be a whirlwind of activity and processes. Dealing with insurance companies, obtaining bike repair quotes and receiving treatment for personal injuries stands to eat up a sizable amount of your time and resources.

Fortunately for accident victims, there are numerous steps they can take to make the process less overwhelming. Anyone looking for effective ways to navigate the aftermath of a motorcycle accident would do well to heed the advice outlined above and ensure their case preparation is handled from the very time of the unfortunate event. 

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