FAQ: Is It A Good Idea To Hire A Public Adjuster For Your Insurance Claim?

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Making an insurance claim in respect of anything from damage to a vehicle or home, or theft, has been likened to taking a full time job.  It will frequently involve working with an insurance adjuster who will assess the damage figure.

Working with adjusters in a claim of just about any sort can involve a mountain of paperwork, math, insurance policy rules, negotiating, listing the value of and describing damages, meeting with adjusters, on top of numerous other responsibilities.

The claims process can be extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming and raising the frequently asked question of whether you should hire a public adjuster to assist.

The insurance adjuster who will work with you (not against you as some may appear) is the one who is assigned to actually help and work with you, as distinct from the company or staff adjuster who is assigned to your case by the insurer.  A public adjuster is a claim help professional who advocates on behalf of the insured alone.

The insurance company may also appoint an independent adjust, who works for the insurer but as an independent contractor.

And the adjuster working with you is a licensed insurance adjustor who will assist you with your claim.

Even if you are able to take on this extensive workload determining the varying merits of your claim, the harsh reality is that the insurance company or adjustor working for them is generally highly experienced and can create some real obstacles to a successful outcome for you.

The reality is that the playing field is not equal, from learning the industry’s terminology to assuring that your claim is being thoroughly investigated.  Aside from the insurance sector vocabulary lesson, public adjusters will also guide you through the necessary and proper procedures of the claims process. This can include how repairs to destroyed property should be done, how expenses should be documented, and any relevant deadlines or meetings. 

Consider Your Position Carefully

Before deciding whether it is a “good” idea for you to go it alone, consider your situation. Do you have any work commitments? How is your health? Is your insurance company cooperative or uncooperative? Every individual’s experience is unique, and there is not a “one size fits all” solution to the issue of deciding about an insurance adjustor.

If you find yourself strung out with work commitments or face an uncooperative insurer, you might consider hiring a public adjuster and you will need to closely consider your position and obligations.

Remember too that many people simply do not know that they can hire a public adjuster as the insurer will generally undertake that work – albeit with an adjuster who is working for them.

Public Adjusters Help YOU Save Time

As the saying goes, “time is money” and there is considerable time involved in undertaking the ‘adjustment process’ with an insurance claim.

Today, homeowners and business professionals have duties and priorities outside of their insurance claim. They cannot take on the claims process’s additional workload, which requires constant demands for detailed information, completed paperwork, and frequent meetings. A public adjuster can help to organize and manage the claim, helping to decrease the time you need to spend worrying about and dealing with the claim issues.

A good public adjuster will also expedite the claims process as well as (hopefully) short-circuiting the claims process.

Insurance policies are oftentimes complex, lengthy, and difficult to understand. It a potential recipe for a misinterpretation disaster. Public adjusters are well-versed in the insurance industry’s terminology and will be able to help you navigate intricacies of your insurance policy which, particularly with complex commercial insurance issues, can involve considerable complexity in terms of coverage.

In addition to defining insurance policy jargon, your public adjuster will also explain to you how the insurance policy is enforced, your options, and best potential course of action. 

An Insurance Adjuster Can Help Protect Your Rights 

Perhaps one of the most valuable, and possibly most obvious, aspects of having a public adjuster by your side is that you have an expert standing with you to understand what may often be quite complex terms and conditions.

Insurance companies certainly adjust claims expeditiously and they will generally attempt to settle claims fairly.  The business is regulated if in the case of uncertainty you need to communicate with your insurance representative for clarification.

A well-versed public adjuster understands the insurance company’s expectations, as well as the appropriate documentation and filing strategy.

In a particularly adversarial setting, your public adjuster may also be a third-party resource who can serve as a witness in the event that a more aggressive course of action must take place before recovery can be obtained. Hiring a public adjuster means you have someone who is ensuring that your rights are not violated standing by your side. 

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