Fat Burning Switch ‘Honest to Goodness’ Review

Fat Burning Switch 'Honest to Goodness' Review

Diet blogger Susie Whitney’s review of the newly released “Fat Burning Switch” product has shown some doubt about the claims made by the author of the new, Clickbank product.

Ms Whitney’s own journey through weight loss following her pregancy has developed a following through her FatBurningPlan.com blog, but while she relies upon sensible diet and exercise, she is also skeptical that the “Fat Burning Switch” is as simple as it claims.

The review on her blog is also one that looks at the various claims that substantial weight loss can be achieved by eating favorite food, avoiding the gym and turning a ‘switch’ that will burn fat overnight.

Her view is that the too-easy solution to weight loss is one that might get a lot of people  into the system, but may not be one that actually winds up achieving the results sought.

However, her guarded review also recognizes the value of some of the advice and the various bonuses provided by the Fat Burning Switch originator and author who has himself lost 170 pounds as a seriously obese individual.

The full Fat Burning Switch review can be seen at the BurnFatPlan blog with information about weight loss and fat burning tips for anyone keen to keep healthy, remove fat and also increase energy and general well being.

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