Fat Loss Blogger’s Honest Review of the “Honest Weight Loss” Flab Blaster System

Fat Loss Blogger's Honest Review of the "Honest Weight Loss" Flab Blaster System

The Honest Weight Loss system is another “flab-burning” system recently released online.
Is “Flab Blaster” the Weight Loss Cheat Sheet You Need . . Or is it just more fat-loss bluster?

Weight Loss blogger Susie Whitney’s Review of the “Flab Blaster” Fat Burning System: The “Honest Weight Loss Program”

See the new weight loss program here

How honest, she asks?

susie whitneyFrom Susie Whitney:  Okay, you know I’m a born sceptic and when it comes to all sorts of fat burning processes and systems there is just so much garbage out there it could honestly fill the San Andreas fault.

So one of the latest which was given to me to review is the new “Flab Blaster” system, billed as “The Honest Weight Loss” system.  Aren’t they all?

But before we get too serious about this, let’s just consider what the program says and I’ll tell you what I found about it.

As is typical with many of these weight loss systems, there is much about revealing ‘secrets’ and railing against the medical establishment for keeping us in the dark about some of the easy answers to losing weight.

I’ll never by an apologist for the medical establishment and equally however I am sceptical about many weight loss programs and systems that are ridiculously expensive frankly and are as bad at mining the distress and concerns of the dieters as the drug companies are at doing the same thing with the ill.

So what does our “Flab Blaster” system promise?

Okay so let’s look at what the “Honest Weight Loss program promises:

– You can lose weight while you’re sleeping (or sipping a caramel latte)

– It’s a system for new mothers and busy people, which is one reason why it does appeal to me

– it debunks diet pills (big plus for me, I just don’t like them)

– it also (kind of) debunks going to the gym because it makes you heavier

Susie Whitney’s Pros and Cons for the Flab Blaster System


Sensible and actionable system

Provides some very handy bonus reports

Sets up a program that can provide fast action weight loss

Well priced and guaranteed for those dissatisfied


Over-hyped in some respects with somewhat overstated claims

Disagree with some dietary advice (compensated with my own report)

Only available electronically.


As with many of these systems, the “Flab Burner” Honest system involves revealing powerful processes that force the body to burn fat and so forth.  (There’s more to all that, which I can tell you about in my own report, below).

Here’s The Big question: Despite the videos, the testimonials and the processes promised, does the “Honest Weight Loss” system actually deliver the goods?

Or is it more hype and “fat promises”?

In other words: Is it honest?

Here’s what we found in reviewing this system, because I have looked at so many of these processes and systems that it makes me square-eyed.

And that’s honest.

I remain somewhat sceptical about so many of these much-hyped systems that I do wonder just how the various claims can stack up at all.

What are the promises?

So what is the “organ” that controls your weight?

The brain!

That part is true. a great deal of weight loss success is due principally and primarily to the brain.

Reed Connor
Reed Connor

The report’s author is a journalist called Reed Connor and he interviewed two …….
called Grace Templeton and Tiffany Adams who actually talk about how they lost weight.

Now this part I liked because this documentary style of followoing actual weight loss stories is not only compelling (and therefore good sales technique) but also effective.

Essentially it is about rewiring the brain to create different processes towards how you eat and indeed how you live. You don’t go feeling hungry or unsatisfied.

The Testimonials

There are ample testimonials in the “Flab Blaster” report and they appear compelling (don’t they always?) together with the before and after shots:



There’s much of value on the “Flab Blaster”, but really nothing new.

However, I would say this: There is enough here at the ‘no risk’ purchase link here, to merit getting into gear to actually lose weight. I don’t mind a motivational, instructional report that will actually get you working towards weight loss in a constructive manner.

This report does that.

But on the basis of a no-risk basis I’d love to hear what you think too.

And if you do try it (no risk of course) and forward your receipt to me I would like to do two things for you.

Your Bonus Weight Loss Report

weightlosskickstartFirst, I will send you my own report – completely free of charge. The “Kickstart” report will identify:

The five steps vital to successful weight loss

  •  Five common weight loss myths
  •  How to start burning calories today!
  •  Exercises that will incinerate fat
  •  . . and much, much more.

Second, I would like to follow up to see what your own progress is with the “Flab Blaster” report.

Just email me your Clickbank receipt to: [email protected].  I will then forward my free report and then follow up with your own progress with “Flab Blaster”.

I’m only offering this for a short period, so please hurry if you’re serious about weight loss.

I hope to hear from you very shortly.


Susie Whitney



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