The Fireball Lawyer

The Fireball Lawyer

Canadian litigation lawyer Rob Sutherland was having a perfectly satisfactory morning discussing a case with the Crown attorney when his morning turned into a fireball when his parked car exploded.

It’s the stuff of movies – a ‘take down’ of a rebel lawyer, perhaps – but for the Nova Scotia lawyer it was something less dramatic – an unexplained explosion that badly damaged his 2005 Ford Freestyle.

“I only arrived about 20 minutes before I was alerted,” Mr Sutherland said, while standing in the parking lot of the

Truro Fire Department chief Blois Currie said his members were called out at 9:17 a.m. April 27 to respond to a blaze in the vehicle’s engine compartment.

At the fire’s peak, flames shot several feet in the air from under the hood and grill areas of the vehicle.

“We’ll send it off to the pound here and we’ll have our inspector look at it later on,” Currie said, regarding the effort to determine the cause of the blaze.

The lawyer said the vehicle showed no signs of anything being amiss during his drive to Truro.

“It was operating really well,” he said. “I had driven in from Pictou for clients this morning and it had been running well.”
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