First Corporate Consulting to Add International Service to its Illinois Private Detective Agency – Legal and Law Enforcement Newswire – First Corporate Consulting Inc. is pleased to announce that it will soon be adding international service to its Illinois Private Detective agency. The firm is run by Illinois private detective Arnold M. Diamond, and it is a national provider for various types of consultative services which provides cutting-edge services to its clients. First Corporate Consulting Inc. is located in the suburbs of Chicago, and is well suited for conducting various investigations throughout the entire state of Illinois, the US, and overseas.

When it comes to hiring an Illinois private detective, or Private Detective Agency, individuals and companies want to work with experienced, reliable professionals. They want access to a level of expertise that is not found in all private detective agencies. And they want quality results. This is what they get when they work with First Corporate Consulting Inc.

First Corporate Consulting Inc. offers a variety of high-quality services including:

Court Records and Bank Accounts: This Illinois private investigator has experience with working with legal firms as well as financial institutions. Can retrieve various types of court documents, is able to manage bulk data, and can also acquire bank account or asset information. This type of investigation can be very helpful in a variety of ways for those who need accurate and timely information concerning financial matters or court dispositions.

High-Level Investigations: The firm offers private investigation services, as well as private detectives and investigators who can conduct professional level and confidential investigations. These investigations can be performed on either a local or a national level, and in some cases on an international level. All investigations are conducted in an ethical, highly organized, and timely manner. In addition, all private detectives and investigators that work on a case or investigation are thoroughly debriefed by professional case managers. Private detectives and investigators are supervised throughout the investigation, and all clients are kept informed throughout the process. Services include: Locate and Process, Video Surveillance, Undercover Investigations, Physical Protection Services, and Profiling Services.

Forensic Investigations: This Illinois private detective agency is also able to conduct forensic investigations. They can apply proven methodologies to all investigations which results in clients receiving the best possible results. Services include: Computer Forensics Investigations, Bug Sweeps and debugging, Wrongful Conviction Investigations, Recovery of Physical Evidence, and Cold Case Investigations.

The above are only a few of the many services this Chicago private detective agency offers its clients. There private investigation services are available in the local Chicago area, throughout the state of Illinois, nationwide within the US, and also available in many other countries through the First Corporate Consulting Inc. network of professional private detectives and investigators. For more information on the firm’s international capabilities, please visit the company website.

In addition, First Corporate Consulting Inc. offers a free consultation service to those who have questions or are unsure if this Illinois private detective agency can help with their needs. Information on all of the services that are offered by this Chicago private detective is also available at the firm’s website. For more details please visit

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