Football Superstars – The Pioneer In Football Games

Football Superstars, the pioneer in football games, has made another mark. It now has over one million registered users in the history of the game ever since it came into being in 2008. CyberSports, the publisher behind the games, said that they were proud to announce that they had surpassed the number last weekend.

The game, which users can play online for free, is a unique multiplayer football game. One million registrations were completed soon after Football Superstars hosted their very own virtual World Cup. The company soon made another thrilling announcement with a week-long Play4Cash tournament. The company was celebrating with this new tournament. The tournament was targeted at budding “Superstars” who could benefit by qualifying for this game and winning great in-game prizes.

Andy Law, director of Business Development and Marketing, was happy to announce that the company had reached this important milestone. He looked positive when he said that the company was looking forward to sustain this level of growth. Law further added that these football games online had brought in many new players from all over the globe. There were many virtual games going on side by side. However, he was most excited to announce that England won the Football Superstars’ World Cup.

The best part about this multiplayer soccer manager free game is that the players do not have to fill out entry forms, complete some tasks, or be online at a particular time of the day. The only condition to qualify for the game is that the players simply have to play the game for a few hours during a week. Andrew Ruddick, the Community Manager of the company, announced that ten winners of the game will split the $1 million prize money. The prize money would be sufficient to purchase many skills, tricks, leisure items like PUMA branded footwear and sportswear, and gym points.

The football games offered by Football Superstars are free to play and are only available online. The game is the first and only football virtual world in the entire world. This game has been designed for football fans and is dedicated to all ardent fans, crazy about the game. Worshippers of the game can buy lifetime subscriptions to be a part of the virtual world game and have an experience of lifetime.

The interactive and flurry lifestyle environment will keep the players hooked to the game. You simply have to download the game and get started instantly. You can also create an account on the site. By logging into the website, the players can see the top player stats. Players can appear on the scoreboard by completing at least 5 matches in a week. These football games are hugely popular with fans from all over the world and are gaining momentum by the day. The players can register for Superstar League starting 1st September, 2010. The registration closes on 7th September, 2010.

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