Forget Juan Pablo. Here’s Attorney Andi Dorfman

Forget Juan Pablo. Here's Attorney Andi Dorfman

Former lawyer Andi Dorfman is the new Bachelorette (do you care?), and unlike the controversial and frequently disliked Juan Pablo, described as “the worst bachelor ever” she is ready for a proposal evidently in a new season of the find-a-soulmate show.

Dorfman, 26, the former assistant district attorney from Atlanta, emerged in a tiny, tight purple sequined dress looking spectacular and was named ABC’s latest leading lady following “The Bachelor’s” big-show, 2 hour spectacular on March 10.

After making it to the Top 3, Andi Dorfman decided to leave the show and Juan Pablo as well, saying that her night with the Venezuelan Bachelor in the fantasy suite was not a romantic dream but  “a nightmare.”

A truth-telling lawyer to the end, it seems.

She said after her win, “I feel all in. I feel mentally all in, emotionally all in, physically all in. I am in a place in my life where I’m just so ready for this. I hate say it because I don’t want to jinx myself…but I am ready. I’ve never felt better in my life about this and I’m just excited.”

Juan Pablo was in all sorts of problems during the show with inappropriate comments on and off the social media, involving gays, people with mental handicaps and others.

He  deleted one offensive tweet and wrote that people need to “relax” and “try to be happy and enjoy jokes and sarcasm.”


As Washington Post blog writer Emily Yahr wrote:  Juan Pablo Galavis, 32, single dad to a sweet four-year-old daughter. Unfortunately: Also the reason this season has been pretty much a disaster, even turning die-hard viewers away. He’s been pretty sleazy, hooking up with more women than is usually acceptable even for a show that is exclusively about hooking up with as many women as possible as a means of finding a soulmate.

For now, its Bachelorette Andi Dorfman who is attracting the kudos, while Juan Pablo is remaining a forgettable figure in a generally forgettable if never-ending show.


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