Former Prosecutor and Politician To Take 'Honourable Swinging Dicks' Legal Action Re Christian Porter

Victor Kline, the New Liberals leader and barrister has announced a further legal action against Christian Porter on behalf of the alleged rape victim and  “every single woman whom ‘the Honourable’ swinging dicks have humiliated”.


Kline and former prosecutor Vania Holt had read the newly publicly available dossier detailing historic rape allegations against the former attorney-general and said that they have launched a private legal case. Both are experienced prosecutors.

Kline said he will not run the legal action but Vania Holt will be taking on the role of instructing solicitor, assisted by new law graduate Eric Zhang. They will work with criminal barrister Mark Higgins and senior sex crimes detective Susan Campbell.

“For those who say we are prosecuting [Mr] Porter for political gain, be assured we are doing it for [AB] and for the justice of the situation, which screams out for it. And for every single woman whom ‘the Honourable’ swinging dicks have humiliated and abused inside and outside of Parliament,” Mr Kline tweeted.

The woman at the centre of the allegations – known as AB to the courts at request of her family – took her life last year after withdrawing a statement made to police. The dossier in full was recently released by the Federal Court following the conclusion of legal action launched against Christian Porter’s barrister, Sue Chrysanthou.