G.729, G.729A and G.729AB Speech Vocoders

Toronto, Canada – GAO Research Inc. (www.GAOResearch.com) has released its enhanced G.729 vocoders which provide toll-quality speech with only moderate processing requirements and delay times. They perform well in the presence of random bit errors. These speech vocoders, G.729 and G.729A/B, are commonly used in visual telephony, wireless communications, and digital satellite communication systems.
Each of the vocoders offer easy integration into other systems, minimal software maintenance and a smooth upgrade path for next-generation customer products. They compress 8kHz CODEC or linear audio data to 8kbps. These vocoders operate on 10ms frames with short algorithmic delays and deliver toll quality speech. The implementation of these vocoders pass all ITU-T test vectors.
About GAO Research Inc.
GAO Research Inc. (www.GAOResearch.com) is a recognized international leading provider of communications software to telecom and electronics companies and provides the most comprehensive and unique suite of modem, fax, telephony, speech software, VoIP, FoIP, fax relay and fax/modem/voice relay software for embedded applications for DSP and microprocessors.
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