Gallop, Johnson & Neuman IP Attorney Donald R. Holland, Ph.D., Launches New Website for Patent Case and Practice Analysis

OCTOBER 19, 2010, St. Louis, Missouri, USA…Patent attorney Donald R. Holland, Ph.D., of the law firm Gallop, Johnson & Neuman, L.C., has created a new website that focuses on patent case analysis and analysis of patent practice. The new website, called Patent Vigilance, is at the Internet address

Dr. Holland, an attorney in the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, established the website “to provide a vigilant analysis of the constantly changing state of patent law as it evolves.” He further indicated that “a two fold approach is taken to accomplish this. First, recent court decisions that have a significant impact on patent law and practice are analyzed in the ‘Case Analysis’ section. These analyses consider what changes in the law are produced by the decisions and how patent practice might be modified to accommodate these changes while still providing patent protection.”

“Also, day-to-day patent practice is evaluated in the ‘Patent Analysis’ section,” Dr. Holland said. “These evaluations provide practical examples of how issues in patent law are dealt with in the prosecution of actual patents. This can illustrate problems that can arise during prosecution as well as the ongoing adaptations to the case law. Consideration is also given to whether the adaptations accomplish what was intended.”

In an interview, Dr. Holland told the St. Louis Business Journal (October 15-21, 2010 edition) that “a lot of blogs will review cases without giving a lot of help or understanding of the case as it applies to your practice. This (website) is more formal. It gives a review of the case and a little analysis of how you need to adapt your practice in lieu of the case.”

Dr. Holland earned a Ph.D. in cell physiology and biochemistry in addition to a law degree. He has nearly 20 years of patent law experience in biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical sciences. He has focused his practice on patent preparation and prosecution and on opinion work including patentability opinions, clearance opinions and due diligence opinions. He also has extensive experience in international and foreign patent prosecution, and in Hatch-Waxman opinion work. Before becoming a patent attorney, Dr. Holland headed a pharmaceutical discovery research lab for many years.

Dr. Holland expects intellectual property attorneys at Gallop, Johnson & Neuman to contribute to Patent Vigilance. He can be reached via email at

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