Gather your memories in a tailored Photo Book today.

For those who wish to hold past memories dear to their heart and enjoy using their creative side to produce first class objects that they can savour for years to come, the
Fotobuch (Photo Book in German) is the answer. We can all recall the times that we have sat round together and gone through countless photograph albums from the past, reliving fond memories of when we visited a particular country or location or from a wedding, even looking at pictures of when we were children.

Even without the visual aids in front of you, many will be smiling with just the slightest memory of times such as these. Usually on birthdays or at Christmas, or perhaps when your children bring home their partners to meet you for the first time, the photograph album is never far away. Unfortunately times do change and we have seen photograph albums become less and less important as the digital era took over. Instead of developing films, we download images to our digital photo frames, computers and laptops via large capacity memory cards and USB sockets.

The progress that was made in just a few short years practically almost killed off cameras that required film and thus the need for photographic developers, seeing a number disappear off our streets because of the eventual ease of use and later the cost efficiency of digital over film cameras. However there are always revivals, from the clothing industry to the music we listen to and the way we wear our hair even. One such calling was for the reintroduction of the popularity of photograph albums within the home and of course as the perfect wedding album and gift idea for friends and family.

Now with great affection and a seriously warm reception, there is a photograph album for the 21st Century called the Photo Book. Incorporating those digital images stored on your family’s computer or laptop, the photo book is a superb addition to any home library or as the perfect gift for friends and family.

How does it work?

Well it is a completely different process to how you remember photo albums from the past. Instead of arranging developed photos within the pages of an album, the photo book is created by downloading specialist software from the Once downloaded the easy to use and simple software enables you to arrange a selection of your treasured images directly from your computer’s hard drive onto one of a wide selection of templates to create an individual and bespoke photo album.

Editing suites that allow you make changes to photos, cropping and rotating facilities and other fantastic options and finishing touches help you to take the individuality of your design even further. Once completed and you have the chosen the number of pages your photo book is to have and the size and style that suits your needs, tastes and budget, the product is paid for, sent off to the professional printing specialists and dispatched to your address a few days later. Completed easily and in only a short time, the Photo Book will house your memories for years to come. Simple!

Redefining the traditional photograph album amongst offering a wide range of additional photo services, Pixum are the leading experts in photo development and photo printing solutions. Their Fotobuch (Photo Book in Germany) software covering the EasyBook range has caused a stir amongst hundreds of thousands of individuals looking for the perfect way to gather their favourite photos in a timeless fashion.

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