Law Firms are Late Developers on Talent Management, Says Senior Lawyer

Law Firms are Late Developers on Talent Management, Says Senior Lawyer

Law firms are “late developers in talent management” according to Mary Cranston, former chair of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP  and successful class action litigator and company director.

Interviewed by LawFuel publisher John Bowie, Mary Cranston has established herself as an innovative pioneer in terms of diversity employment practices, starting with her role as Pillsbury where her programs in gender and general diversity employment practices were both highly regarded and highly successful.  Pillsbury grew hugely during her eight year reign as Chairman, expanding from its California base via two major law firm mergers which added seven offices and increased revenues several-fold.

Her abilities have seen her achieve numerous accolades, including being listed as one of the 100 most influencial lawyers in America.  She also serves as the Chairman of Western Region Advisory Board and Director of Catalyst Inc. Ms. Cranston serves as a Presiding Director at GrafTech International Ltd. and has been its Director since 2000. She has been a Director of Juniper Networks, Inc., VISA Inc and VISA USA.

Her interview shows that gender attitudes and prejudices belong to women as well as men and being able to recognize them and challenge them create opportunities for both in terms of opportunities.

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