Gerry Spence on Guns, Police, Juries and Other Things

Gerry Spence on Guns, Police, Juries and Other Things 2

Wyoming attorney Gerry Spence is one of the most celebrated lawyers in America. In fact one of the most celebrated lawyers anywhere for his prowess in Court. The latest debate over police shootings in the US have seen comments from all quarters and now the NYPost Page Six columnist Cindy Adams has written about Mr Spence, Legal Star. And one of the things he’s worried about is police shootings.

Cindy Adams – Don’t know Gerry Spence? Lawyer 60-plus years? OK. He probably doesn’t know you either. Wyoming country boy. Defended the superfamous. Never lost a criminal case.

In the ’80s I saw him fight for Imelda, the Philippines’ first lady.

Longtime President Ferdinand Marcos’ wife was on trial for enemies alleging creative use of American dollars. Unfamiliar NY courtroom. Unsympathetic judge. Foreign jury. Hostile press. Few friends. Prosecutor in traditional blue suit. Her attorney? Buckskins, boots, fringe, cowboy hat. He won.
Spence’s 18th book is “Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away With Murder.” Not knowing Ray Kelly or Bill Bratton, he says: “America’s most wanted are our law enforcement officers. Their rampant power abuse should be put on trial. When police become the criminals, people become the enemy.”

Today’s world appears more hostile, I said. He said: “No. That’s been decades. The media’s just become aware of it. A friend didn’t know how to defend his client who playfully slapped a woman’s butt, got charged with sexual assault and faces two-plus years in the pen. Feminist issues, race issues, difficult to be a human being in our country today.

“Everything’s legislation. Law students graduate crippled. Their brains’ human side can’t think anymore. Intellect’s valueless. Nobody thinks humanly. Logically. Our left-brain Supreme Court can’t agree.

“Reorganize the grand jury process, by which prosecutors transfer indictment responsibility to innocents with no idea what to do. The defense has no attorney presence. No arguments made except by the prosecutor. This imposition on truth is his own birthday party. Edit out all the legal, political, official powerful entities. Help the helpless.

“Stop relying on jailhouse snitches. In criminal cases, that testimony should be ruled inadmissable.
“And curb cop clout. People in power often misuse it. Officers exist who are killers on the loose. Un-uniformed Americans become potential victims. This brutality hasn’t increased over years. It’s been there since the beginning.”

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