Getting Top Blog Rankings By Beating The Google Updates With Quality – The updates from Google have thrown many bloggers and website owners into turmoil but you can still get top Google rankings for blogs by following some key rules, outlined in the latest post on how to make money blogging on

The Penguin, Panda and EMD updates have created a great fuss in Seo circles but they present no real problem for those seeking only to provide unique and good-value content on their sites, which is what Google wants.

Whether you run a law blog, a writers blog, a gardening or cooking blog the rules remain the same: Google wants quality, original content delivering good value material.

But there are some other tricks to the blogging trade that are also necessary for those serious about making money blogging and in the two-part article on RealWritingJobs Diane Somer is presenting some of the key features that any top-ranking blog or anyone seeking to obtain a writing job any where, will need to know in order to achieve great Google rankings and to outstrip their competitors online.

Check out the blogging update on how to make money blogging and how you can really make money at home using a blog that will conform to what Google wants blogs to do.

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