Go4Customer to Initiate New Inbound Telephone Sales Techniques

The representatives of Go4customer have come out with a statement that they would be initiating new techniques for improving the sales of their clients. This is sought to be implemented when an inbound call comes for sale. The inbound representatives are going to be trained to make add-on sales while the conversation is going on.
Go4customer has been supporting the inbound process of many complex set of operations that require very good training methods for making the voice agents completely at home with all the terminology and ways and means of dealing with the customers. Some training initiatives that the company has included to improve the voice agent’s efficiency in getting more sales are no interrogations, leading the customer, practice of politeness, assumption of permission and use of fallback offers.
The call center customer service of Go4customer is managed with optimization of the processes according to the newly undertaken project which is brought about by distinctive initiatives by its management. Go4customer supports the most diverse call center outsourcing operations for both domestic and international assignments. They have two state-of-the-art global delivery centers at Jaipur and Noida to carry out these operations.Go4customer can be contacted through its website where the online representatives are always available to clear the doubts of potential clients regarding their services.
More details on Go4Customer can be found at http://www.go4customer.com. You can also call on +1-888-795-2770 (US), +44-800-845-6515 (UK) and +91-120-6667777 (India).

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