Google Ron Paul, They Said. And They Did – Big Time

LawFuel – The continuing Ron Paul revolution, with its focus on ecomomic and personal freedom, continues to thrive notwithstanding the naysayers and mainstream media inattention to what is occurring.

Take the article about Ron Paul supporter Alan Soutter in Indy where he talks evangelically about his support for Paul. Soutter belongs to the group Meetup 52, a group is responsible for the many highway signs instructing us to “Google Ron Paul.”

Gerry Canavan writes: “As someone whose friends are growing very tired of hearing about Barack Obama, I recognize something kindred in the fervor of Soutter and his fellow meetup members. There’s something more than a little religious about both political movements, as if politics in 2008 has come to function as a surrogate font for inspiration, devotion and purpose in a post-religious age. In addition to the messianic qualities of its leader and a moral code organized around the inviolable freedom of the individual, Paul’s story of contemporary American history begins with a tragic fall from grace: the founding of the Federal Reserve banking system in 1913.”

Soutter, and others like him, discovered Ron Paul on YouTube or the social network sites.

“Soutter discovered Paul from a YouTube video titled “Confessions of a [Ron Paul] Junkie” from Greensboro’s Rachel Mills, once a Libertarian candidate for Congress. Next, he read a book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, which opened his eyes to the dangers and insecurities of an economic system built on fiat currency. When Soutter watched the South Carolina debate, during which Paul “basically told Rudy Giuliani that he needed to read the 9/11 Report to understand what the terrorists’ reasons were for attacking us,” Paul won another convert. “That just sealed it for me. I immediately began looking for ways to do something to help the campaign.”