Gun Laws in Sights in Wisconsin After Gun Violence Incidents

Gun law changes are a hot topic in Wisconsin, which has had a bad year of gun-related violence after the August incident at Oak Creek with the shooting at the Sikh temple that left seven people dead, followed by the shooting at a spa in Brookfield, w hich left three women dead.

The result of the gun violence has been a move to push for greater restrictions on guns and to tighten gun laws when domestic violence is an issue.

Wisconsin Sen. Lena Taylor said, “The shooting highlights the need for better law enforcement that require restraining order recipients to surrender their weapons.”

Currently, according to a Legislative Reference Bureau analysis, the law mandates perpetrators of domestic abuse, child abuse and harassment are not able to possess any firearms. People who have caused some type of harm to others are also not allowed to have firearms.

According to the Badger Herald, in a statement Taylor gave, she said there are many loopholes in the current law and the new bill will ensure the person will surrender their weapons.

However, the new law may not have helped even if it were in place before the shooting at the Brookfield spa, where Radcliffe Haughton opened fire at the spa where his wife worked Oct. 21. They were going through a divorce, and three days prior to the shooting, she had issued a restraining order against him.

Gun Laws issues are covered in LawFuel, the US Law News website.

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