The Thief of Harvard Law

The Thief of Harvard Law

Stealing IP is bad enough, but when its at law school – no, make that HARVARD Law School, then the theft becomes something altogether more serious.

And so when AbovetheLaw reported on this “peculiar thief” roaming the halls of Harvard it struck a particular chord with those concerned about the sheer sweat and even artistry that goes into their work.

As ATL’s Kathryn Rubino reports:

See, the law review write-on competition is happening at HLS. Gunners are at their most gunnery and I suspect the pressure finally got to someone. That or it’s a Paper Chase LARP.

On the Harvard Law School — Class of 2017 Facebook page, a diligent student — we’ll call her Hard-Working Helen — shared a warning with her fellow students. It seems Hard-Working Helen was working on her competition and took a break. When she returned, some of her work was gone. And it seems it isn’t the first report of work gone missing during the competition…

For those of you who are doing the competition, please keep your eyes on your work. Someone just stole my subcite while I was gone away from my desk for a break, and now I will have to re-do it again without concession. My understanding is this is not the first report of stolen work during competition so please watch out.


Ah, when hard work fails to get you the reward you seek, there is always sabotage. I know law review is a bright shiny brass ring but there has to be a better way — just think of how embarrassing it’d be if you got caught. For the rest of the rising 2Ls still in the competition, jealously guard your work like a fat kid eying the last doughnut.

And remember, it’ll all be over soon.

Source: AbovetheLaw
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