Haskell New York develops partnerships with DOD EMall, GSA and AbilityOne to reach government buyers and general public

Haskell New York develops partnerships with DOD EMall, GSA and AbilityOne to better serve government buyers and general public

NEW YORK—Surviving as a smaller, family-operated business demands hard work and quick-thinking even in the best of times. Facing the threat of big-box retailers and a lingering economic downturn, Haskell New York Inc. remains mindful of the need to develop a broad and dynamic customer base. To that end, Haskell New York continues to expand its relationships with key government purchasing and supply organizations while recognizing the needs of a changing work force.

Moving deeper into electronic commerce, Haskell New York recently became a member of the Department of Defense shopping site DOD EMall. Haskell New York’s membership allows it to offer office supplies, office furniture and custom printing services on the government site, which acts as an online marketplace for registered federal, state and local government customers to search for, compare and buy products and services. Through the DOD EMall site, which had 1.5 million hits per week as of April 2011 and generated more than $787 million in sales in 2010 according to the Defense Logistics Agency, Haskell New York now has even greater access to government buyers from around the world.

Further targeting customer growth, Haskell New York holds a General Services Administration Schedule 75 contract. The contract authorizes Haskell New York to offer its extensive product lines to the federal government on the GSA Advantage online ordering site as well as through Haskell New York’s online presence at OfficeSalesUSA.com. Buyers for federal agencies as well as the general public can quickly and confidently make purchases from GSA-approved dealer Haskell New York knowing that the company has been thoroughly examined and that all legal requirements have been met. “The GSA has vetted us financially, through Dun and Bradstreet supplier performance reviews as well as through pricing comparisons,” said Matthew Isaacson, executive vice president of Haskell New York.

Haskell New York also knows that meeting and exceeding customer needs helps a company retain and grow its customer base. For this reason, Haskell New York works with supplier AbilityOne to provide quality Skilcraft products. As an AbilityOne and Skilcraft partner, Haskell New York distributes the Skilcraft brand of products manufactured by AbilityOne, a federally-guided network of 600 nonprofit agencies that creates jobs and training opportunities for Americans who are blind or have other significant disabilities. Haskell New York offers the Skilcraft line of more than 3,000 items, including office supplies, tools and janitorial equipment to the federal government as well as to the general public.

In addition, Haskell New York recognizes the trend toward telecommuting among government and civilian workers and provides them with home office storage solutions as well as the discount office supplies, furniture, and custom printing for which the company is known. Haskell New York also offers personalized service, a rewards program and free shipping in the continental U.S. on orders in excess of $50. “We’ve survived … by being more nimble and customer focused,” said Isaacson.

Learn more about Haskell New York’s AbilityOne affiliation and Skilcraft products, their GSA and DOD EMall memberships, and its range of helpful products and storage solutions for the home office at officesalesusa.com.

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