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Though being an interesting occupation, custom writing definitely cannot be considered a healthy one. Endless hours with computer, constant psychological stress due to the urgency or orders and irregular working hours – even a phenomenally healthy person will not last long. That is why health issues are a major part of’s writer’s care program. Last week the company has taken a further step by introducing a new healthy menu into its free lunches for the company’s writers.

“Well, it’s but a step in a number of measures we’ve taken lately,” the CEO of says. “We already offer membership cards to fitness centers and established a sporting ground right next to our office building. Healthy meals are a natural step further.”

There is no secret that sometimes writers do not have enough time to buy and cook meals themselves especially when the matter is all about urgent orders. So,’s management has taken the responsibility upon itself and decided to provide healthy and delicious lunches to all the writers.

“I’ve heard that some newspaper has named Google the best place to work,”’s chief staff manager says. “It’s just they don’t know about us. I never saw such a level of care in my career.”

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About is an experienced writing company that has been operating in the market for several years. Being a reliable partner for students and caring employer for its own writers, offers an exceptional level of experience and professionalism in all its services.

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