Helen Clark Woos Students – LawFuel Woos Law Students Seeking Legal Jobs – LawFuel Legal Jobs

Helen Clark’s attempts to woo the student voter has gone down a treat with students, but the online legal jobs site <a href= LawFuel is attracting record law students to its online law jobs with its increased visibility and jobs online.

LawFuel has steadily increased its share of the legal jobs with nearly 300 law jobs online on the law sites board at www.LawFuel.co.nz. The legal jobs market continues to change with changing economic conditions, however the demand for good law jobs continues.

<a href= LawFuel has generated increased interest in online law jobs by focusing on the latest jobs and latest news and resources of interest to lawyers and law students.

The increased interest in overseas law jobs has only served to increase young lawyers’ concerns about the market and what they should be doing about getting jobs in the current financial crisis.

The Labour Government’s efforts to alleviate student debt concerns does not assist those who have already left the university environment, nor will it make any immediate difference to those in the next two or three years.

The important thing for them is to ensure that they have a career plan – particularly in times of economic uncertainty. For instance, the general practice of young lawyers to depart for overseas without having a job to go to is not one that’s recommended by most recruiters.

The tightening legal market in London, which is the principal destination for young lawyers, simply means that they will land there with a job in a pub rather than a corporate law firm – or any law firm.
It is important that planning is undertaken and if need be plans are altered to permit work in locations where jobs are still plentiful, such as the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe (although that market too is beginning to change with the drying up of major deals).

Whatever people think about Helen Clark’s student wooing, the key thing for young lawyers is to check carefully before moving overseas for their next legal job.

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