HF ISO15693 RFID Reader Module Kit

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) recommends its HF RFID reader module kit suitable for integration into smart label and ticketing systems. It is specially designed for integrators requiring an RFID reader solution to be embedded within other devices such as printers, terminals or handheld devices with the use of a DIP28 pin package.
This RFID reader module kit, model 713002, supports multi-detection and has CE and FCC certification. It is available for RFID tags compliant with the ISO 15693 standard which are also known as Vicinity Cards. The 13.56MHz reader module kit provides a baud rate of 19,200bps and a maximum read distance of 20cm depending on the size of the antenna. An antenna with female coax connection is offered. This reader module kit is equipped with three LEDs for status indication and has RS232, UART and RS485 communication interfaces for data exchange.
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