High Performance ADSL2+ Tester Has a Large Memory Capacity

Toronto, Canada – GAO Comm (www.GAOComm.com) has announced the release of its handheld ADSL tester, which is particularly useful for the installation, testing and maintenance of ADSL equipment. It is designed for tier-1 ADSL engineers to test subscriber telephone connectivity line parameters. The ADSL tester can also be used as a digital multi-meter.
This handheld battery-powered ADSL2+ tester, model 701C, automatically detects signal loss, frame loss, power loss and cell loss. The tester can simulate an ISP acting as an ADSL modem to check the operating performance of a user’s terminal equipment. The tester has a large memory capacity which can store 100 groups of test results and seven pre-defined test settings for quick set up. It displays the test results on a multi-lingual display. The easy-to-use tester connects to a computer via a serial port so that data can be uploaded for storage, analysis or printing.
Visit http://www.GAOComm.com for more information or to purchase this product online.
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About GAO Comm
GAO Comm (www.GAOComm.com) is an international leading provider of communication test instruments, equipment for the installation, testing and maintenance of communications infrastructures.

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