Highly Accurate Radio Frequency Signal Generator

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com) has released a CPU-controlled radio frequency signal generator operating over a frequency range of 300kHz to 300MHz. It is commonly used in research and development and production testing of AM/FM receivers, civil-band transceivers, radio remote -controlled devices and wireless telephones.
This radio frequency signal generator, model A0400001, offers non-volatile RAM which can store a hundred samples of data. It features both an RS-232C and an IEEE-488 interface. The signal generator provides a highly stable time base to satisfy the most stringent requirements in terms of time base aging and accuracy. The signal generator can be controlled remotely by a computer or other instruments. In open mode, its RF output is adjustable between -8dBμ and120dBμ at an accuracy of ±1.5dB. This generator consumes 35W maximum power.
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About GAO Instruments
GAO Instruments (www.GAOInstruments.com ) is a global leader in research, development and manufacturing of high performance telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments and other test and measurement devices.

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