How an A2, AS or GCSE Exam Revision course will help you pass your exam

Knowledge is only half of the battle, sometimes less than half. In the words of the Richard Riddell:

“Good candidates distinguish themselves by being aware that if they come to this examination expecting to repeat memorised material, they will probably score only between 20% and 35%”


It is knowing how to apply the knowledge of the syllabus for a paper that will help you to pass your exam. Exam Confidence’s Exam revision courses are specifically designed by subject specialists to help you to develop the skills you need to pass. We focus on the key topic areas, and look at how they are examined, how to understand what the examiner is asking for and how to approach questions.

One of the most common comments that the examiners make after exams is that students don’t apply their knowledge. Here are some examples;

Richard Riddell for Economics, after the June 2012 exam that “Simply reading the requirement without application to the scenario does not gain marks. This examination focussed on application of knowledge and it was application, which often let candidates down. The application of knowledge requires some improvement and candidates do not use the information in the scenario in order to develop their answers.”

Miranda Banks said “That being said it is still a fact that the last three problem scenario based questions continue to provide grounds for concern. Too many candidates were let down by their performance in those questions, which continues to suggest a general lack of analysis and application skills if not general knowledge.”

This is exactly what we do on our Exam revision courses. We focus you on working through past exam questions, to understand exam standard requirements and get experience of the context of the different areas of a syllabus in the exam. You’ll practise our recommended question approaches, be advised how to structure your answer and how to identify the easy marks within a scenario.

Attend one of our Exam Revision course and you will increase your confidence and chances of passing compared with students who don’t attend Exam Confidence’s Exam revision courses.

We have 2 locations across the UK and courses start from 1st April 2013.

If you can’t make it to any of our centres, book one of our online Exam Revision courses and you can revise wherever you are. Simply go to the Exam Confidence website to book your revision courses!! Please Visit here for more information .

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